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Battery Service

When it comes to what gets your Honda moving, you might think the engine is entirely responsible. Your engine won’t start, though, without the battery! Your Honda’s engine, alternator, starter, and other electronic equipment all depend on the car battery to run.

Did you know that battery care is often the most overlooked service? Over time, it’s normal for your vehicle’s battery to lose power. However, when you schedule a routine car battery checkup at Gary Force Honda in Bowling Green, our experts will ensure that your battery performs the way it should. Don’t risk finding out that your battery has lost its charge at an inconvenient time or place. Our Honda service center often has specials on genuine Honda batteries, so be sure to check out our service specials monthly!

How long does a Honda battery last?

While the average lifespan is 2 to 5 years, where you live and how often you drive play a part in your battery’s lifespan. We recommend replacing your battery before it dies so you don’t get stuck in the middle of a drive!

How can I extend the life of my Honda battery?

We recommend following your Honda vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle working in tip-top condition and prevent battery issues from developing. A few other tips to save battery power include:

  • Turning off your headlights when you’re done driving
  • Avoiding short drives when possible since your battery won’t get a chance to charge fully

If you need some help determining if your battery should be replaced, schedule your service appointment today! You can even shop for a replacement battery online. When you’re ready for a Honda battery replacement, our Honda-trained team will fill you in on how long you can expect your battery to last or offer you competitive pricing on a brand new one.

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