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Welcome to Gary Force Honda, your premier Honda dealership in Bowling Green, Kentucky! Our dealership is nestled in the heart of the automotive hub in Bowling Green, Kentucky, one of the best places to visit in the state.

Let’s take a look at this town’s history, why it is worth visiting, and what to see around town before you head over to our Honda dealership near you.

Bowling Green, Kentucky History

Before you drive around Bowling Green, Kentucky, in a new or pre-owned vehicle from our Honda dealership, you should note that Bowling Green is the third largest city in Kentucky. It is located 60 miles north of Nashville and 110 miles south of Louisville.

Bowling Green has a population of over 72,000, giving this suburban area a small-town feel and making it a classic American destination. This is why it’s a popular stop on many road trips.
Interestingly, Bowling Green is here today, thanks to the Pioneer brothers Robert and George Moore. In 1796, they selected a site on the Barren River for a new settlement. In early 1798, the county commissioners decided the new town would be “called and known by Bolin Green.”

The Moores designated two acres to construct public buildings, which now make up Fountain Square Park in the heart of downtown. Bowling Green’s central location made it a major agricultural community, river port, and, later, an important commercial and educational center.
Bowling Green is now a regional hub for entertainment for more than 275,000 people in 11 surrounding counties. In 2022, Southern Living magazine named Bowling Green as one of “The South’s Best Cities on the Rise.” Our location allows residents and visitors to experience all four seasons, although winters are mild.

Image of historical Bowling Green, featuring storefronts in a black and white photo
Photo Care of: Kentucky Library and Museum, Western Kentucky University
Image of historical Bowling Green, featuring a large building in a black and white photo
Photo Care of: Kentucky Library and Museum, Western Kentucky University

Image of historical Bowling Green, featuring storefronts in a black and white photo
Photo: Kentucky Tourism
Image of the fountain in Bowling Green.
Photo: Getty Images

What To Know About Bowling Green, Kentucky

Southern towns are some of the best locations to visit when driving a new or pre-owned vehicle, and there isn’t a better town for sightseeing than Bowling Green, Kentucky. This charming town is as southern as it gets, with picturesque landscapes, a postcard-perfect downtown, delicious eateries, and welcoming locals.

Yet, what makes it a stand-out destination is its unexpected attractions. For example, Bowling Green is the birthplace of Duncan Hines, the man behind countless food products that routinely grace the shelves of several US grocery stores. This town is also the only place in the world where the Chevrolet Corvette is assembled.

There are numerous family-friendly activities, museums, and shops to visit, and
Kentucky’s natural landscape makes it the place to be if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure in a new sports car. Bowling Green really is the place to be if you want to have fun year-round.

Things To Do In Bowling Green

It might be a small town, but Bowling Green, Kentucky, has much to do. If you’d like to take a drive and want to explore to your heart’s content, you might want to visit Bowling Green. But what is there to see? Plenty. Let’s take a look.

Park And Outdoor Activities

First and foremost, Bowling Green, Kentucky, has dog parks, skate parks, playgrounds, golf courses, and many more outdoor zones covering over 800 acres. So, if you’re in the mood for outdoor adventuring, it’s certainly the place to be.

If park adventuring isn’t to your liking, you might want to visit Mammoth Cave National Park near Bowling Green. This park is perfect for thrill seekers because it boasts mountain biking, caving, and hiking. With more than 53,000 acres, there’s plenty of ground to cover. Just don’t forget your sunscreen and hats.

You should also consider making a stop at the Lost River Cave. This attraction guarantees a fun-filled adventure with its underground boating tour and thrilling zipline – the only one of its kind in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Sporting And Adventure Activities

Bowling Green isn’t lacking its sporting activities – but not in the traditional sense. This town is a car enthusiast’s dream destination, with the Corvette assembly plant attracting auto enthusiasts from around the world year-round. It’s truly a sight to behold, especially considering it cannot be seen anywhere else.

Similarly, you’ll have to save space on your touring schedule to visit the National Corvette Museum. This museum is the largest of its kind; you guessed it, you’ll only be feasting your eyes on Corvettes, but we promise it’s worth it. At this museum, there are more than 80 collector, concept, and antique corvettes to view, with a few one-of-a-kind models thrown into the mix.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience, you can head on over to the NCM Motorsports Park to get behind the beautiful wheel of a very fast car and circle the track until you’ve fed your inner daredevil.

But don’t feel down if motorsports aren’t your version of a fun time. If you like baseball, you can forgo the museum and assembly plant and instead catch a game with the kids and cheer on the Hot Rods – Bowling Green’s very own minor league team. After the baseball game, head to Beech Bend Amusement Park, where the kids can spend the rest of their day watching stage shows, participating in water sports activities, and riding roller coasters.

Cultural And Historical Activities

If you plan on visiting Bowling Green, Kentucky, in the spring, summer, or fall and want to participate in cultural activities, you should add the Downing Museum to your to-visit list. This museum is beautiful during these seasons with its blooming lush Japanese maple trees, magnolia trees, and dogwood.

Besides the breathtakingly beautiful nature, this museum offers visitors a comprehensive art collection by modern artist Joseph Dudley Downing, alongside other pieces worth seeing. Yet, the Downing Museum isn’t the only one to add to your list.

You must also check out the Kentucky Museum, especially if you are interested in the region’s history. This museum has numerous historical exhibits shining a light on the region’s local textile traditions and local legend Duncan Hines.

Museums aside, this small town also has a swoon-worthy train station worth visiting. So if you love trains, you should consider visiting The Historic Railpark & Train Museum. When visiting, you can view and climb aboard five restored vintage railcars and take as many pictures as you please.