Maintenance Minder Codes

Image featuring a vehicle dashboard that has an illuminated icon that reads 'SERVICE DUE SOON'. Above this, text reads 'Maintenance Minder Codes'

When the wrench logo on the Honda dashboard lights up, many drivers feel uneasy and anticipate a potentially expensive service appointment. Understanding what this wrench means, along with the Maintenance Minder codes attached to it, should help alleviate maintenance anxiety. Every Honda model has its own specific maintenance needs and schedules that vary based on factors like the engine type, transmission type, or the addition of a towing package. Following these routine maintenance guidelines will help prevent problems before they occur and will keep your Honda running smoothly on the roads of Bowling Green and beyond. Protect your vehicle from expensive breakdowns in the future, which saves you both time and money. We make it easy to give your Honda the attention and care that it deserves.

Maintenance Minder has sensors moving throughout your vehicle to precisely determine when maintenance is needed. Most Honda vehicles with Maintenance Minder have an engine oil life indicator that keeps you informed about upcoming oil changes.

An illustration displays the steering wheel background and some of the highlighted warning messages

Oil Life Percentages

  • Oil Life 15%: Service is due soon. Schedule an appointment with the service center at Gary Force Honda.
  • Oil Life 5%: Service is due. Stop by Gary Force Honda for maintenance.
  • Oil Life 0%: When your oil life gets to 0%, service is past due. To avoid unnecessary wear or potential damage, stop by Gary Force Honda for maintenance as soon as possible.

Maintenance Minder Codes and Sub-Codes

The Maintenance Minder codes and sub-codes aren’t as straightforward as the oil life indicator. Check the code numbers in the chart below! You can also find these codes in your owner’s manual. The main codes indicate an action that needs to be taken, while the sub-codes include additional components to be checked or serviced regularly. The Maintenance Minder system ensures that regular maintenance happens and provides our certified technicians with all the information they need, preventing unnecessary maintenance and saving you money.

Main Honda Service Codes

Code What it means
A Change Oil and Filter
B Replace the engine oil and oil filter. Perform front and rear brake inspection. Adjust parking brake. Inspect other vehicle systems.

Honda Service Sub-Codes

Sub-Code What it means
1 Tires need rotation service.
2 Check and potentially replace the air cleaner element, drive belt, dust filter, and pollen filter.
3 If equipped, replace the transmission fluid and transfer fluid.
4 Check and potentially replace spark plugs, timing belt (if equipped), water pump, and valves.
5 Engine coolant is low and/or needs replacing.
6 If equipped, rear differential fluid is low and/or needs replacing.
7 Replace the brake fluid.

Visit Gary Force Honda for Scheduled Maintenance

When that wrench lights up, remember to visit the Service Department at Gary Force Honda! You can easily schedule an appointment online. Dont forget to look at our service coupons before stopping by to ensure you save as much as possible. If you have any other questions about your Honda, including the maintenance schedule for your vehicle, feel free to call (270-282-7877), visit (2325 Scottsville Road, Bowling Green, KY 42104), or reach out online. Were always happy to help Honda drivers in the Bowling Green area!