Metta Devine-Qin

December 2019

Great customer service when I have to bring my car in, service there is amazing. 
Doc Boyer

December 2019

Good honest dealer, really liked kyle
Johnny Bullington

December 2019

Super good service department.

December 2019

Always great service.
Shanron Manning

November 2019

Seem to be very honest and fair
Connie Busick

October 2019

Shout out for fantastic service, super-friendly staff !!!  I was traveling down interstate from Indianapolis to Nashville onto Florida, & I got error messages & my car/transmission powered down .  Luckily I was at the Bowling Green exit & hobbled into Gary Force Honda service at at 4:30.  The staff & mechanics hustled to get my car in & run diagnostics to see what was going on. They were able to find issue & get it fixed & me back on my way.  Wonderful staff!!! Thanks millions😀😀
Richee Family Adventures

Septemberr 2019

They have the BEST customer service! I have come to look at cars twice here, with two different people (years apart) and unlike some car places they don't pressure you to buy something. They listen to your needs and what you can afford. I also came in for an oil change or work on my van a few years ago, it was very cold and I was very pregnant, but it was going to take a couple hours. I had stuff to do, so I asked if there was a courtesy van to take me across the street to the mall. There wasn't one running that day, but they got me a courtesy car to use all day long. They said as long as I came back before closing I could us it as long as I needed that day. (I only used it til my van was done) they didn't have to do that, but it really stuck out in my mind and I am again looking to buy a car and I'm hoping I can find one there because they are just that awesome!